Daily Specials

Monday (Molukia)

The famous middle eastern dish! served with tender chicken and rice

Tuesday (Lamb Shank)

An apporx. 12oz of braised lamb shank meat bone. Served with fresh vegetables and rice

Wednesday (Green Bean Stew or Okra)

Green bean stew and Okra are prepared with lamb, ripe tomatoes and served with rice. 

Thursday (Baked Kafta or Sheik Mehashy)

Baked kafta kabob links baked with potatoes, onions & ripe tomatoes. served with rice. Sheik mehshy eggplant with minced meat and fresh tomatos.

Friday (Stuffed Chicken or Spinach Stew)

Half chicken baked to a golden brown , stuffed with rice, meat and nuts.

Spinach stew cooked with pine nuts and minced meat served with rice