From The Broiler
All dinners are served with your choice of French fries and soup or Arabic salad.
No substitutions on any side items.

Carnival Combination

Served with three skewers of one tender chicken, served with fresh Loaves of pita bread.

New York Steak

A tender cut of New York Steak, broiled just the way you like it.

Shawarma Plate

A combination of marinated lamb and beef, served with two fresh loaves of pita bread.

Chicken Shawarma

Seasoned, tender chicken breast slowly grilled on our vertical grill. Served with two fresh loaves of pita bread.

Chicken Scalloped

Lightly breaded breast of chicken deep fried to a golden brown and served with our fresh two loaves of pita bread.

Lamb Chops

Lean and tender lamb cutlets, marinated our special spices.

Lamb Kabab

Two skewer of tender Lamb charbroiled on low fire with onions and pita bread.

Chicken Kabab

Two skewer of marinated chicken breast and two fresh loaves of pita bread.

Quails (Ferri)

Three pieces of quails prepared to your liking, pan flamed or grilled, enhanced with our lemon~garlic marinade.

Beef Kabab

Served with two skewers of tender beef and charbroiled on low fire with grilled peppers and pita bread.

Kafta Kabab

Served with two charbroiled skewers ground lamb, seasoned with onions and parsley.

Chicken Thighs

Marinated and charbroiled

Any one skewer of the Carnival combination